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Birthdate:Jan 1
Age: Old.
Sex: Hell yeah.
Bloodline: Vamps don't queue. Trust me on this.

Vampire? Check. Big bad murdering bastard? Check, but not just lately. Soul? Check. Curse? No, that's the OTHER vampire with a soul, his broodiness, my illustrious pain-in-the-arse grandpapa Angel. Sex life, therefore, none of your bloody business. Happiness, ditto. Champion? Costume jewelry seems to think so. But hero? Not hardly.

Hobbies: Averting the apocalypse, pool hustling, spoken word.

Advice: Don't bother with the garlic, and don't touch the coat.

Family: Dru (my sire AKA ex), Angel. Darla, sort of.

People I give a shit about who are still around: Buffy (Vampire Slayer, my ex, Angel's ex, look it's a long story), Dawn (Buffy's sister). Angel, sometimes.

Enemies who are still around: Anyone trying to end the world, Wolfram & Hart (evil law firm), Xander, everyone else. Angel, sometimes.

How I Spent My Summer Hols: Since Angel decided to hand in an army in lieu of notice to his last job, CEO of Evil Inc., LA division, I've been hanging about with him and what's left of his merry men in New York, fighting the good fight when we can find it and watching Angel's arse while he decides which grenade to jump on next. Angel Investigations, now with absolutely no girls and 200 percent more nerds! Join the white hats, kiddies, the pay's shite but at least the benefits suck.

--Spike is a character created by Joss Whedon for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. He appears in this unauthorized fan journal only to take part in the Milliways role playing game, from which no profit is made. --
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