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Spike's talked to Andrew loads of times, but he can't remember ever thinking about talking to Andrew before. But tonight he's clocked seven actual minutes trying to find a better opening line than "we have to talk," and still come up with bugger all. He's brought a bottle of Scotch, as much for himself as to get the boy talking -- a few days ago he'd have said the only trouble was to make him stop.

At least Andrew should be alone, if he hasn't imported company from Milliways. Spike knows Jonathan is out on a mission because he made it up himself.

He knocks.
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*Spike may have noticed this before: Andrew never says 'come in' when someone knocks.*

*Since they share a dwelling place, that doesn't really affect whether or not Spike or Angel can come in univited. It's just habit.*
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Yeah, I thought so.

*Andrew's on his bed, lying on his stomach, reading a comic book; he puts it aside carefully and sits up, gesturing Spike at the room's only chair.*

I guess you've got a lot of questions still?
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*He glances at the bottle, but that's all.*

-- okay, what was the first thing then?
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He doesn't know.
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*Andrew gives a sigh, and settles down on the bed, cross-legged, elbows resting on knees.*

Simple question with a complicated answer. Okay. Let me start with the easiest part of it.

If I'd told you about Milliways before I took you there, what would you have thought?
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Even if it also comes with fictional people and alternate-timeline versions of people you know walking around?
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*Andrew shudders.* I remember what happened when our world's Willow went Dark. Scary alternate-timeline Willow? Not hard to imagine.

I didn't think about that aspect of the fictional thing, though. Huh.

*He chews his lower lip for a moment.*

Spike, you've known Angel a lot longer than I have ... like, orders of magnitude longer. How do you think he'd react if we told him about Milliways?
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*For a long moment he doesn't say anything.*

*Finally, very low:*

That's what it looks like to you? His state of mind?
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Yeah, I get that.

Look, this whole time ... the main reason I wasn't telling you guys about Milliways is I figured you wouldn't believe me. Same with the Council. A couple of them know; the others don't.

There's just kind of this ... it's not a Fight Club rule, really, more of a habit. You don't tell people who don't know.
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*There's a touch of a wince in his voice there, a note of chagrin.*

This is the first time anything like that's happened. I didn't know it was even possible.
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*Andrew nods.* Me and Jonathan keeping a secret, I think he pretty much expects that by now. Like you said, he puts up with it. Probably because he still doesn't take us too seriously.

*A very small wry smile accompanies that last.*

You getting in on it, that changes things.
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*There's a long pause.*

This is another one of those conversations I can never tell anybody we had, isn't it.
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That's not really an or.

*No trace of smile left in Andrew's face.*

Whatever's happening has to be stopped. Whether or not we tell Angel. It's not just here, and it wasn't just River. People at Milliways are getting thrown into other people's worlds -- and not always where other people can find them and get them home that quickly.

At least one guy's still missing.
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No, I get that.

*And he does. It's a fair condition to make. This has become a situation where what you don't know can kill you deader than a -- well, in Angel's case, deader than you already are.*

I want to run it by Jonathan first, in case he thinks of anything we haven't, but ... maybe it's time this comes out in the open.


One thing.
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I've seen Angel at Milliways. Long while ago, but it was him.

Except it wasn't our him.
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Pretty sure he was, yeah.

I mean, I've never met him without the soul, but um ... the difference would be pretty obvious, wouldn't it?
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Yeah. And he hasn't, not in ... more than a year, I'm pretty sure. But I figured you should know.

So in the meantime, I'm thinking let's see what we can find out about this world-shuffling thing going on. And give me a chance to talk it over with Jonathan. And then ... I guess then we'll have a conference, or something.

Sound good?