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Scotland the Brave

The one nice thing about being back in the U fucking K is that sunshine is rarely an issue. And since this is Scotland, Mecca to every golfing tourist with more money than taste, exceedingly large souvenir umbrellas are widely available. Handy, that, because Spike's packing had consisted of a wad of cash in one pocket and a fake ID in the other.

Other things Scotland isn't short of include decent whiskey, like the fifth of Laphroig currently making his day bearable, and a packet of proper Silk Cuts.

Unfortunately Scotland also seems to have a really unreasonable amount of plants that bite back. He is in what passes for cover around these parts, less a tree and more a collection of pokey bits, watching a castle which isn't doing much of anything, as castles often don't. He lights one cigarette from the coal of the last and pinches it out, lest he ignite the sodding gorse, or heather, or whatever it is called. Spike likes cities, where stakeouts generally feature a roof.

But Scotland also has one Slayer surplus to requirements at the moment. Until Beth walks out of those gates, Spike is stuck.
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No, not immediately. "Himself whomself?"
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"...Giles isn't that hard to say, you know." Slightly dry. "Yeah, he's here."
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A beat.

"I can go find out," he says, his tone not so much uncertain as cautious.
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"Yeah. About that."

He doesn't turn to head back to the castle, yet.

"It'd help if I could tell him what you want to say to him. He's ... kind of got a lot on his plate right now."
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A small sigh. "I can tell you right now he's not gonna go for it."

He sounds more regretful about it than anything else.
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"Till the Council pronounces sentence."

Andrew's own jaw's a little tight, and he says the words as though he doesn't really care for how they taste.
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A long pause.

"This team's busting its collective ass trying to figure out what's the right thing to do here. Trying to find a clean solution and I don't know if there is one."

His voice is low, but very intense.

"The situation's ugly. We're dealing with it the best we can."
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A long sigh.

"Not too much longer. I hope."
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"I can get you in," he offers. "I mean, I have to okay it first, but. They're letting her have visitors."
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A beat.

"You know the mystics are going to be scanning whatever you bring her," he says, a touch apologetically.
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"Yeah. Just -- don't make the smart person's mistake of thinking everyone else is stupid, okay?"

A pause.

"I can tell her you asked about her, if you want."
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Andrew looks back at him.

"Might help her to know there are people who care that she's okay. And that they're talking to us."